Our upholstery fabrics have easy care instructions: Simply wash in warm water with a light detergent then tumble dry on medium heat. The fabric has a high polyester content and so usually doesn’t need to be pressed.

Our fabrics have successfully been through rigorous laundry tests in large 5-star hotels and small family-friendly motels. They are easy to launder and press – and you will be delighted in the laundry cost savings when you launder in-house.

All our fabric is pre-washed before we cut and sew your products. This eliminates shrinkage of the product once it is in service. We have found this to be especially important when smaller custom made products are manufactured, such as Room Service Tray Liners.

Our tailored hems are 3cm wide with double stitching and the corners are mitred. This is a quality finish, and has the correct feel and weight for a luxury hotel (most our commercial customers are 4 and 5 star hotels).
Samples of our seams and hems:

Burgundy Wine Thin & Elegant Stripe Tablecloth

Golden Sands Thin & Elegant Stripe, placemat.

The whole room effect:

Chocolate (thin stripe) Bed Runner, with Chocolate (wide stripe) Valance.

Navy Blue (thin stripe) Bed Runner and co-ordinating cushions.

Burgundy Wine Bed Runner

Burgundy Wine Bed Runner, with Top Runner and co-ordinating cushion

A room picture with Triple-Sheeting.

Charcoal Bed Runner, with Top Runner and co-ordinating cushions.