Triple Sheeting is the way of the future for all quality hotels and motels. It is a hygienic system of changing a room, resulting in a bright and fresh bed that guests find professional and modern.

Triple Sheeting is an easy system to manage for both housekeeping and laundry. Three sheets and a blanket are used to create the look, which can all be changed and easily laundered after each guest.

Your guests will appreciate the hygenic appearance of the bed and with a few simple accessories like Bed Runners and co-ordinating cushions, your rooms will have a fresh modern look.


We often get asked the question: Isn’t Triple Sheeting more expensive to setup and maintain than Bedspreads? Not true!

Bedspreads are expensive:

  • Bedspreads are expensive to buy, with a queen size bedspread typically costing $150 – 200 each.
  • A queen size bedspread costs $15—$25 to launder externally.
  • If you have the equipment to launder onsite, the bedspreads are a thick fabric and require a lot of chemical and a long drying time each time they are washed – both of which add to your operating costs.

Triple Sheeting is cheaper than you think:

  • If you already have 2 sheets on your bed, you only need 1 extra sheet to make a bed when using the triple-sheeting method.
  • If you outsource, this is an extra cost of about $1-1.50 per bed change. This is not per day – but per bed change.
  • If you launder onsite, there is just the once off cost of an extra sheet per bed. Sheeting is a light weight fabric, so they require less chemical and less drying time each time they are washed, reducing everyday costs in the laundry.

A room picture with bedspread.

Many hotels are still using Bedspreads, which are more expensive to purchase and to launder.

A room picture with Triple-Sheeting.

After changing to Triple Sheeting, many of our customers have been able to increase their room rate $5-$10 per night.

Burgundy Wine Bed Runner

Choose the colour that best suits your current room decor.

per room
Bedspreads Triple Sheeting
Setup Cost
Queen Bed
purchase cost
only require
1 extra sheet
per bed change
Laundering Cost $20 per month
or more
TOTAL $175 setup
+ $240 per year
$1.10 per bed change
(for 150 bed changes
per year = $165)

Cost Analysis: If using external laundering.


  • The major benefit to a hotel is the increased room rate simply because of the move to the triple-sheeting method. 
    We often see an increase of $5-$10 per night or more
    (for example, from $90 per night to $100 per night) when our customers upgrade their bedding system.
  • Combined with decreased costs (see the table to the left for a comparison) this results in a more profitable hotel.

Triple Sheeting can be a mystery for many people. Here is one easy step-by-step process to triple sheet a bed.

In this process, we use a blanket but it is possible to use a doona instead.
A Triple Sheeting Corner Closup

  1. If using an ensemble bed, fit the Valance to the base mattress before you begin.
  2. A fitted or a flat sheet goes on the top mattress of the ensemble first, in the usual way.
  3. A flat sheet goes on next.
    Standing at the foot of the bed, shake out the sheet until it lays evenly over the bed. Adjust the sheet until a similar length hangs down either side of the mattress. Stand at the head of the bed and lift the sheet until the top hem in pulled up to meet the headboard. Return to the foot of the bed and ensure the sheet is smooth on the bed.
  4. The blanket goes on third. Repeat the previous step for the blanket, but the top hem should be about 15 cm (about two hand widths) short of the headboard.
  5. The third flat sheet goes over the blanket. Repeat Step 3 for this top sheet, once again adjusting the sheet until the top hem meets the headboard.
  6. Fold the top of the sheets back 15cm. This is folding just the sheets, not including the blanket.
  7. Fold back another 15 cm. This time both the sheets and blankets fold. The result is the sheets are folded back twice, but the blanket only once.
  8. Tuck in both top sheets and the blanket in the usual way, being careful to create neat corners at the foot of the bed.
  9. Place the pillows on the bed.
  10. The result is a very white bed. Enhance your room with a Bed Runner and a co-ordinating cushion. We recommend a quality upholstery fabric that can easily be laundered in-house, keeping laundering costs low.

Here are some hints to make triple sheeting a cost effective and easily managed system.

Neat and Easy
Use a blanket, not a doona. Blankets are quicker and easier to make the bed with and they are easier and cheaper to launder frequently.  Blankets make it easier to get nice, crisp corners and are better suited to air conditioned rooms. Doonas create bulky corners, and are much more difficult to launder frequently.

Keep it Simple
Use the same sheeting for all 3 layers. This makes the laundry process simple, allowing for quick and easy storage, sorting and changing rooms.

Quick Change
Want to refresh the look of your rooms more often? A simple, cost effective way is to change just the accessories (such as the Bed Runner and cushion cover).

Money is Time
Great corners are hard to do well. One of our customers who use a doona in their triple-sheeting recently found that it took up to 3 minutes per bed to get their corners neat. With over 10,000 beds to change each year that was over 500 hours they paid staff to neaten corners!

Ask Questions
If you have any questions, talk with Gordon Moffitt, our Sales and Service Manager. He has been in the textile industry for over 20 years in supply, manufacture, design and laundering. Phone him on 0421 415 346 with any queries, or email us.


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